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Scraper Rope

Daritech developed ScraperRope specifically for dairies as a means ​of eliminating troublesome cable from dairy scraper systems.


In the years since it was first introduced, ScraperRope has proven to be an effective, affordable means of getting cable off the farm.


  • No Cable Splinters - Not in cows hooves or workers hands

  • Lightweight - 400' weighs less than 20 pounds

  • Disposal - ScraperRope is easy to dispose of compared
    ​to wire cable


Orange Covers

A lightweight film that blocks the entry of oxygen into silage.

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Also Available

Copper Sulfate

Hydrated Lime

Poly Foot Bath

Cattle Groomers

White and Black Bunk Cover

bunk plastic.png

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All shavings are make of white pine and spruce.  They are 3 cu ft per bag and come 45 bags per pallet.

Fine Shavings.png

Fine Shavings

Highly absorbent shavings made of pine and spruce.  They are very dry and smell clean.  They are easily shifted through so will last longer then the large flake, however will be dustier.  

Medium Shavings

Just as the name indicates ; these shavings are a happy medium between the fine flake and the large flake.  They are fine enough to absorb a lot of moisture but fluffy enough to make a comfortable bed.  

Medium Shavings.png
Large Shavings.png

Large Flake

The large flake shaving is a high quality product that is extremely consistent.  There wont be a lot of dust in your facility when using this product.

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